FIO quickly provided the first rescue map for the shipwreck accident in Cambodia on September 22

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According to Cambodian media, a fishing boat sank near Sihanouk Port in Cambodia due to a sudden failure at 10:30 am local time on September 22, 2022. Eighteen of the 41 Chinese citizens on board were rescued, but 23 others fell into the sea and disappeared. Cambodia actively carried out search and rescue at the first time. In order to greatly improve the efficiency and pertinence of search and rescue, it is urgent to forecast the marine environment and the drift path of people in the sea. On the afternoon of the 23rd, when Prof. Qiao Fangli learned the news through media, an emergency forecast team for this event was established by Dr. Zhao Chang, Dr. Xia Changshui and Dr. Yin Xunqiang of FIO. They communicated with the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia immediately and then started to work together. Based on the forecast products of wind, wave and current fields from the Southeast Asia Ocean Environment Forecast and Disaster Early Warning System (OFS for short) developed by FIO, the marine incident emergency system was launched, and the first map of searching and rescuing area was come out within one hour. This map was transferred to the search and rescue headquarters through Mr. Meas Rithy, Deputy Director of the Coastal Zone and Marine Protection Department of the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia. This map shows the direction and area of searching and rescuing in the next five days, and it directly provides kernel technical support for on-site decision-making.
Search and rescue map for people who fell into the ocean in the next 5 days after the shipwreck accident in Cambodia on September 22 (to be updated continuously)
(Provided by Xia Changshui and Qi Min of FIO)