The Eighth session of ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists in 2023 was Successfully Accoplished

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The Eighth session of ODC International forum for young marine scientists was successfully accomplished in the afternoon of 28 September 2023, Although there were not many attendees this time, we believe that every sharing is meaningful.

This session focused on The Future of the Oceans. Four young scholars shared their related research. Ms. Pamela Tapia Díaz and Ms. Palmira Cuéllar, as the first topics speakers from Mexico, shared there research: Our perspective: gender equality in marine science and global agendas. Participants expressed that good to see the female contribution in the field of Marine Sciences. Ms. Araya Boonkasemsanti, as the second speaker from Thailand, shared his research: Effects of oil spill on Sea turtles in Thailand. Participants and speakers discussed the impact of crude oil on turtle organs. Dr. Md Solaiman Hossain as last speaker from Thailand, shared his research: How microplastics can become part of our food: a case study from Rayong, Thailand. Its a very detailed and good presentation.

Ms. Pamela Tapia Díaz

Ms. Araya Boonkasemsanti

Dr. Md Solaiman Hossain


The ODC center will continue to provide the platform for young marine scientists to have in-depth communication and effective discussion on their perspectives and research progress on marine science development through the organization of various Forum activities. For the events that will follow, the ODC center will make full preparations in terms of the optimization of network platform, selection of topics and exhibition of outcomes, trying to offer an audio-visual banquet for young researchers in the field of ocean and climate. Previous trainees or new partners are highly welcomed to join in these activities and share research progress or achievements on this platform.