The 12th ODC Training Course was successfully accomplished

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The 12th ODC Training Course on Ocean Model and Data Assimilation was successfully accomplished in Qingdao from 10-21 July 2023. 7 famous experts and 6 teaching assistant from Australia, Germany, Malaysia and China were invited to give lectures to 36 trainees from 12 countries attended the course. ODC Center has provided training course for 706 trainees from 55 countries during past 12 years, making greater contributions to the capacity building of IOC member states. What's more, the influence of China in the field of ocean and climate has been further enhanced.
1. Training Course

As the first training course after the opening of the epidemic, only adopted in-person training, but still uploaded lectures videos for trainee who can not come to China. 

On 10 July after the opening ceremony, Por. Fangli Qiao introduced Wave-tide-circulation coupling and its applications in ocean and climate models, Prof. Qiao gave lectures on the scientific challenges facing for the OGCM(Ocean General Circulation Model) and the wave-induced/tidal mixing scheme’s contribution to the OGCM.In the afternoon, Dr. Shizhu Wang and Dr. Bin Xiao gave practices regarding the processing of the unstructured grid in the FESOM model by Python as teaching assistant. Dr. Shizhu Wang as the executive director of the Ocean to climate Seamless Forecasting system (OSF) Programme, also introduced UN Decade Collaborative Centre on Ocean-Climate Nexus (DCC-OCC) and Ocean to climate Seamless Forecasting System (OSF) Programme. On 11 July, 2023, Prof. Qiang Wang, from Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Germany, gave lectures on ocean modeling using unstuctured grid system, the unstructured meshes can better resolve ocean key regions as introduced. In the afternoon, Prof. Qiang Wang, introduced how to start the FESOM2, which is a sea ice model using unstructured computational grids.

Prof. Fangli Qiao

Dr. Shizhu Wang

Dr. Bin Xiao

Prof. Qiang Wang

On 12 July, 2023,  Prof. Shaoqing zhang, from Ocean University of China, gave lectures on basic theory of data assimilation as well as various data assimilation algorithms. In the afternoon, Dr. Zikuan Lin from Ocean university of China gave practice session, trainees plotted the Lorenz butterfly of idealized couple models and made it chaged in 3-Var,4-Var,5-Var model by python. On 13 July, 2023, Prof. Shaoqing Zhang continued yesterday‘s lesson, gave lectures on various data assimilation algorithms ranging from stationary filter to ensemble Kalman filter. On the afternoon, Dr. Zikuan Lin gave practice on data assimilation using ensemble adjusting kalman filter. On 14 July, 2023, Prof. Shaoqing Zhang gave lectures on three research advances on climate estimation and prediction initialization. On the afternoon, Dr. Zikuan Lin gave practice that focus on the parameter optimization scheme.

Prof. Shaoqing Zhang

Dr. Zikuan Lin

On 17 July, 2023, Prof. Mohd Fadzil Akhir, from Institute of Oceanography and Environment, University Malaysia Terengganu, gave the lecture about the developing of the ocean forecast system, he introduced the key component and challenges we met in the past to develop the ocean forecast system. In the afternoon, the practice part is about our ocean future.Trainees of each group was given a couple of papers, and they need to  describe the model they want to build for their conturies. On 18 July 2023, Prof. Changshui Xia from FIO, gave the lecture about the application of regional ocean models. Taking POM as an example,he talked around the features of Sigma-coordinate. In the afternoon, Prof. Changshui Xia and Ms.Youting Wu gave introduce on the visualization of the POM outputs using python during exercise part.

Prof. Mohd Fadzil Akhir

Prof. Changshui Xia

Ms. Youting Wu

On 19 July 2023, Prof. Alexander Babanin, from The University of Melbourne, gave lecture about development of surface wave models WAVEWATCH and SWAN in recent decades. In the afternoon, prof. Alexander introduced Wave-Coupled Effects and wave-coupled modelling. Then Dr. Qingxiang Liu introduced about the WAVEWATCH-III and a quick starting setup for the model. On 20 July 2023, Dr. Xunqiang Yin, Deputy director of ODC Center, introduced MASNUM wave model - A highly effective surface wave model, and wave data assimilation. On the afternoon, Dr. Meng Sun and Dr. Xunqiang Yin gave training exercise on Wave Data Assimilation based on WAKF. Exercise 1: Single point wave assimilation; Exercise 2: Region wave assimilation.

Prof. Alexander Babanin

Prof. Xunqiang Yin

2. Forum for Early Careers Scientists
Besides the lectures and practical exercises, Forum for Early Career Scientists was also carried out to deepen understanding and promote cooperation during these two weeks, which included some activities such as trainee reports, group discussion and group reports.

(1) Trainee Reports
During the training course, 6 times trainee reports were held,
36 trainees provided a ppt to introduce their research work related to the topic of this training course, their research area, academic achievements and preliminary idea for cooperation with other countries in the region. After the reports, other trainees could ask them questions. Through interaction, trainees have better known each other and found some common interests in research for discussion. The activities also promoted the understanding of each other and increased the trainee’s enthusiasm to grasp new knowledge from the training course.

(2) Group Discussion and Reprts
During the training course, all the trainees were divided into 6 groups. Trainees in each group completed the exercise, carried out group discussions, and prepared group reports. In addition, each group was required to make PPT together to introduce their proposal, cooperation and new knowledge gained from the training course, results of their assignments and suggestions for future cooperation. The group discussion and reports provided more chance for the trainees to perform a first attempt to work together and some prospective cooperation in future research among them become more possible.

3. Completion ceremony

The completion ceremony was held in the morning of 21 July, 2023. All the trainees, Prof. Fangli Qiao, Dr. Changshui Xia, Dr. Xunqiang Yin, Dr. Bin Xiao and Dr. Zikuan Lin attended the ceremony. Certifications was issued to those trainees who had completed all the courses. Group leader, secretary and volunteers were issued certificate for their great contribution in this training course. 3 trainees (Mr. Kyaw Than Oo, Mr. Adonis Gallentes, Ms. Noor Amalina Bokri) had been awarded as the best trainees based on their performance during 2 weeks. Special certifications had been issued to them by Prof. Fangli Qiao, Dr. Changshui Xia and Dr. Xunqiang Yin during completion ceremony. The lectures, exercises and Forum for Early Career Scientists in training course have helped the trainees improve their understanding of the Prediction and Projection of Climate and strengthen the personal friendships among participants from different parts of the world.