Prof. Alexander Babanin Gave Lectures During 12th ODC Training Course

Date: 2023-07-19 16:39 Author: admin Clicks:

On the 19 July 2023, Prof. Alexander Babanin, from The University of Melbourne, gave lecture about development of surface wave models WAVEWATCH and SWAN in recent decades.

Prof. Alexander Babanin
In the afternoon, Prof. Alexander introduced Wave-Coupled Effects and wave-coupled modelling. Then Dr. Qingxiang Liu introduced about the WAVEWATCH-III and a quick starting setup for the model. In the last session, Group 1 leader as the hoster to organize group 6's trainee reports. Four trainees of group 6 and 4 more trainees from other group introduced themselves, the presentation included their work and study related to the course.

Dr. Qingxiang Liu