Prof. Shaoqing Zhang Gave Lectures During the 12th Training Course

Date: 2023-07-12 09:44 Author: admin Clicks:

On the 12 July, 2023,  Prof. Shaoqing zhang, from Ocean University of China, gave lectures on basic theory of data assimilation as well as various data assimilation algorithms.

Prof. Shaoqing Zhang
In the afternoon, Dr. Zikuan Lin from Ocean university of China gave practice session, trainees plotted the Lorenz butterfly of idealized couple models and made it chaged in 3-Var,4-Var,5-Var model by python. In the last Trainee Report session, Group 3 leader as the hoster to organize the group 2's trainee reports. Two trainees of group 1 introduced themselves, the presentation included their work and study related to the course. 

Dr. Zikuan Lin

Muhamad Zuhairi Mat Zin

Titi Sari