The 11th ODC Training Course was successfully accomplished

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The 11th ODC Training Course on Prediction and Projection of Climate was successfully accomplished in Qingdao from 22-28 August, 2022.This course hybrids mode of online and onsite participation. Eight famous experts from United States, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and China were invited to give lectures to 148 trainees from 33 countries attended the course. Up to now, ODC Center has provided training course for 670 trainees from 54 countries during past 11 years, making greater contributions to the capacity building of IOC member states. What's more, the influence of China in the field of ocean and climate has been further enhanced.

Distribution of ODC trainees aroung the world from 2011-2022
1. Training Lecture

Due to the global situation of COVID-19, only applicants based stay in China participated in the training in person this year, and online trainees used zoom.

Opening ceremony

On 22 August, 2022, Prof. Fangli Qiao introduced New Generation of Earth System Model(ESM) for Climate Prediction, he talked about the difference between ESM and Climate Model, and discussed how to distinguish prediction,forecast and projection, what are climate change and climate variability. Prof. Yajuan Song presented what climate change and climate variability were, and she also talked about decadal climate prediction system FIO-CPS V1.0 and V2.0. 

Prof. Fangli Qiao from the 
First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China

Prof. Yajuan Song from the First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China

On 23 August, 2022, Prof. Tianjun Zhou gave lectures on Climate Change and Extreme Events and Projection of Climate Change at Global Warming Levels of Paris AgreementHe also discussed projection of climate change at global warming levels. In the afternoon, Prof. FredolinTangang introduced regional downscaling methods for climate change projection including dynamical downscaling method and statistical downscaling method, and he discussed CORDEX regional climate downscaling activities. On the 24 August 2022, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Hokkaido University, gave lectures on Climate Change and its Costal Impacts in the Pacific Ocean. He introduced his lectures from three questions to talk about the sea level rise(SLR) in the western boundary regions. Then he taught students how to use Python to climate change and did exercises.

Prof. Tianjun Zhou from Insititute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. FredolinTangang, from National University of Malaysia

Prof. Shoshiro Menobe from Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Hokkaido University

On the 25 August, 2022, Prof. Zhaohua Wu from Florida State University, gave lecture on The application of Python in Climate Dynamics. And Prof. Nelly Florida Riama from Center for Research and Development, Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of Indonesia, gave lecture on Applications of using climate predictions for services. In the afternoon, Prof. Nelly Florida Riama introduced the applications of using climate predictions for services. She talked the climate system and climate prediction. Then she introduced climate information and climate change impact for special sector. Finally, she discussed the climate literacy.

Zhaohua Wu from Florida State University

Prof. Nelly 
Florida Riama from Center for Research and Development, Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of Indonesia

On the 26 August, 2022. Prof. Zhaohua Wu introduced annual cycle of the surface air temperature and the physical origin of  surface air temperature.He also discussed the basics of heating the earth by the sun. In the afternoon, Prof. Gerrit Lohmann, from University of Bremen for the Department of Physics of the Climate System, introduced the lessons from the past:What our climate history can tell us about the future? He discussed the glacial climate, orbital theory, ice ages and abrupt climate change.

Prof. Gerrit Lohmann from 
University of Bremen for the Department of Physics of the Climate System

2. Forum for Early Careers Scientists

Besides the lectures and practical exercises, Forum for Early Career Scientists was also carried out to deepen understanding and promote cooperation during these two weeks, which included some activities such as trainee reports, group discussion and group reports.

In person trainees listen to the lectures

(1) Trainee Reports
During the training course, due to hybrids mode of online and onsite, we collected intrduction and share them online, 4 trainee reports were held. 72 trainees provided a video and ppt to introduce their research work related to the topic of this training course, their research area, academic achievements and preliminary idea for cooperation with other countries in the region. After the reports, other trainees could ask them questions. Through interaction, trainees have better known each other and found some common interests in research for discussion. The activities also promoted the understanding of each other and increased the trainee’s enthusiasm to grasp new knowledge from the training course.

discuss with experts

(2)Group discussion and reports

During the training course, all the trainees were divided into 8 groups, onsite were divided into 3 groups and online were into 5 groups. Trainees in each group completed the exercises, carried out group discussions, and prepared group reports. In addition, each group was required to make PPT together to introduce their group members, cooperation and new knowledge gained from the training course, results of their assignments and suggestions for future cooperation. The group discussion and reports provided more chance for the trainees to perform a first attempt to work together and some prospective cooperation in future research among them become more possible. 

In person group presentation
On line group presentation

3. Completion ceremony
The completion ceremony was held in the afternoon of 27 August, 2022. All the trainees, Prof. Fangli Qiao attemded the ceremony online, Dr. Wei Zheng and Dr. Xunqiang Yin attended the ceremony. Certifications was issued to those trainees who had completed all the courses. Group speakers and volunteers were issued certificate for their great contribution in this training course. 4 trainees (Mr. Changlong Liu, Mr. Dickson Mbigi, Mr. Kyaw Than Oo and Tojo Lalaina) had been awarded as the best trainees based on their performance during these 1 week. Special certifications had been issued to them by Dr. Wei Zheng and Dr. Xunqiang Yin during completion ceremony. The lectures, exercises and Forum for Early Career Scientists in training course have helped the trainees improve their understanding of the Prediction and Projection of Climate and strengthen the personal friendships among participants from different parts of the world.


certificate for in person trainees
certificate for on line trainees