Prof. Zhaohua Wu and Prof. Nelly Florida Riama Gave Lectures During 11th Training Course

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On the 25 August, 2022, Prof. Zhaohua Wu from Florida State University, gave lecture on The application of Python in Climate Dynamics. And Prof. Nelly Florida Riama from Center for Research and Development, Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of Indonesia, gave lecture on Applications of using climate predictions for services.

Prof. Zhaohua Wu

Prof. Nelly Florida Riama
In the morning, Prof.Zhaohua Wu introduced the application of python in climate dynamics from four aspects. First, he introduced computer and modern computing, then he talked the preliminary python resources, and discussed basic Python scripting language structure. Last, he showed an example for the students.

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In the afternoon, Prof. Nelly Florida Riama introduced the applications of using climate predictions for services. She talked the climate system and climate prediction. Then she introduced climate information and climate change impact for special sector. Finally, she discussed the climate literacy.

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