Prof. Shoshiro Minobe Gave Lectures During 11th Training COurse

Date: 2022-08-24 09:14 Author: Jiayi Guo Clicks:

On the 24 August 2022, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Hokkaido University, gave lectures on Climate Change and its Costal Impacts in the Pacific Ocean.

Prof. Shoshiro Minobe
In the moorning, Prof.Mionobe introduced climate change and its coastal impacts in the Pacific Ocean,discussed Earth System Grid Federation(ESGM) and also talked CMIP6 data,then do an excerise with the IPCC data.

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In the afternoon, Prof.Mionobe introduced his lectures from three questions to talk about the sea level rise(SLR) in the western boundary regions. Then he taught students how to use Python to climate change and did exercises.

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