Prof. Tianjun Zhou and Prof. Fredolin Tangang Gave Lectures During 11th Training Course

Date: 2022-08-23 09:29 Author: admin Clicks:

On 23 August, 2022, Prof. Tianjun Zhou, from Insititute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave lectures on Climate Change and Extreme Events and Projection of Climate Change at Global Warming Levels of Paris Agreement.

Prof. Tianjun Zhou
Prof. Zhou introduced climate change and extreme events, why did these changes happen, why would this happen,is this natural or anthropogenic? what will our climate look like in the future and the information for aplication. He also discussed projection of climate change at global warming levels.

In the afternoon, Prof.Tangang, from National University of Malaysia, introduced regional downscaling methods for climate change projection including dynamical downscaling method and statistical downscaling method, and he discussed CORDEX regional climate downscaling activities.

Prof. Fredolin Tangang