The opening ceremony of the 10th UNSCO/IOC-ODC Training Course

Date: 2021-07-07 12:58 Author: 秩名 Clicks:

The opening ceremony of the 10th UNSCO/IOC-ODC Training Course and the 10th anniversary of the UNSCO/IOC-ODC center were held in the afternoon of 5 July 2021 at the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) of China in Qingdao. 
The ceremony, chaired by Mr. Yafeng Yang from Department of International Cooperation of FIO, was attended by Mr. Shengzhi Sun, Deputy Inspector of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Natural Resources, Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin, Assistant Director General of UNESCO and Executive Secretary of IOC, Prof. Kentaro Ando, Co-chair of IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (IOC/WESTPAC), and Dr. Wenxi Zhu, head of IOC/WESTPAC Secretariat. In their welcome speeches, they fully affirmed the achievements of the ODC training courses and warmly congratulated the 10th anniversary of the center.

Prof. Fangli Qiao, Director of UNESCO/IOC ODC center, reviewed the outstanding achievements made by ODC in the past decade. It made remarkable contributions to the international community in the fields of marine science and technology training of young scientists, ocean model research and development, and scientific and technological services of ocean prediction system.

Mr. Shengzhi Sun expressed congratulations on the opening of the 10th training course and the 10th anniversary of ODC center on behalf of MNR. He stated that the department would endeavor to promote the international cooperation of marine science and technology in depth, and he believed this training course will effectively promote the cooperation in the field of ocean and climate among professors and young scientists from WESTPAC member states.

Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin extended his congratulations on the 10
th anniversary of the ODC center standing for IOC. Ken Ando showed his respect to all the efforts made to sustain this important activities for 10 years and appeal to consider how to sustain in this SDGs Sustainable Development Goals era.

Prof. Tal Ezer, a world-famous ocean model expert and editor in chief of Ocean Dynamics, spoke on behalf of the lecturers. He highly praised the work of the ODC center and believed that it was an important contribution of China to the development of ocean science and technology and education of the next generation of ocean scientists in the world. 

Dr. Azam Chowdhury, a trainee representative from Bangladesh, believed that ODC center provided high-level capability training in the field of ocean dynamics and climate for young scholars from developing countries, and he had benefited a lot from the previous training courses. With the knowledge gained, he could directly applied it to his own marine scientific research and the marine disaster reduction and prevention and ecological protection in his own country. 

The 10th training course in 2021 focuses on Regional Application of Coupled Climate Models and will be conducted in the hybrid mode of online and onsite. Nine famous professors from United States, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and China are invited to give lectures to 127 trainees from 24 countries in the following two weeks.