The Eighth ODC Training Course was successfully accomplished in QIngdao

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On 7 July 2018, the eighth ODC training course on Ocean Forecast System was accomplished in Qingdao. The courses covered all the components of the ocean forecast system, including circulation, tide, wave models and their coupling in coastal regions, data assimilation and the interpretation of the forecasted results. This training course is organized in the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), State Oceanic Administration (SOA), China, together with the first CLIVAR-FIO summer school from 25 June to 7 July 2018. There were 14 world famous experts from Australia, France, German, Italy, UK and China were invited to give lectures and related practices. Totally, there were 47 trainees from 27 countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Polish, Russia, Sri Lankan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and China) attended.
Besides the training courses, the trainee reports, group discussion and group reports were carried out  to enrich the activities and help them to initiate some primitive cooperation during these two weeks. At last, certifications were issued to those trainees who had completed all the courses and 4 trainees (Mr. Tim Hermans from NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research of Netherlands; Dr.Xiaoyu 
Long from University of Hawaii Sea Level Center of USA; Mr. K M Azam Chowdhury from University of Dhaka of Bangladesh and Mr. Amr Salama from Alexandria University of Egypt) were awarded as the best trainees based on their performance during these 2 weeks. The practices and activities carried out in this training course had created a pleasant learning environment which provided more opportunity for trainees and experts to discuss. Through these 2 weeks, all trainees had grasped new knowledge and skills, and the friendship among them had been established. Different from previous training courses, the trainees in this year were not mainly from the WESTPAC region, and the future cooperation in worldwide on modeling the ocean will be promoted.

The group photo of the eighth ODC Training Course

Prof. Detlef Stammer from University of Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Svetlana Jevrejeva from The National Oceanography Centre, UK

Dr. Karina von Schuckmann from Mercator Ocean in Toulouse, France

Dr. Matt King from University of Tasmania, Australia 

Dr. Gael Durand from Institute of Geosciences and Environmental research, France

Dr. Gonéri Le Cozannet from Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, France 

Prof.Shiyin  Liu from Yunnan University, China

Prof. Fangli Qiao from The First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China

Prof. Nadia Pinardi from University of Bologna, Italy

Prof. Guimei Liu from National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, China

Prof. Yunfei Zhang from National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, China

Prof. Qiang  Wang from Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany 

Prof. Shiqiu Peng from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

Dr.Bin Xiao from The First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China

Certification for group leaders

Best Trainee-Mr. K M Azam Chowdhury and Mr. Amr Salama

Best Trainee - Mr. Tim Hermans  and Dr. Xiaoyu Long