【Seventh Session】ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists

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1. Description

As the first Regional Network of Training and Research Center (RTRC) under the framework of UNESCO/SOC RTRCs, ODC center aims to promote the international cooperation and enhance the research capacity in the WESTPAC region on ocean dynamics, air-sea interactions, climate change and numerical modelling through the provision of international annual training courses and workshops to junior scientists and doctoral/master students mainly from the member states of IOC in the Western Pacific. Since its establishment, ODC Center has carried out and coordinated series training courses, activities, workshops and international research programmes, which are featured with both foundational and high-level courses/lectures, enough hands on exercises, comfortable group discussions, and intensive interactions among trainees and experts.


Through the aforementioned activities, ODC Center has witnessed increasingly active academic exchanges, steadily expanded international cooperation areas, and deepened international friendships among participants in the past years; it has been instrumental in developing an early career professional network with the attendance of 670 trainees from 54 countries. Responding to the call of the Decade Actions for sustainable development, and retrospecting the experience and success of the center activities, ODC center established the Young Marine Scientist Community, named ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientist (FYMS) in 2021, to further strengthen international academic exchanges and collaboration in the WESTPAC region. Since April 2021, the community has been conveneing the FYMS on a regular basis and a variety of activities were coordinated and organized.


2. Objective

FYMS aims to establish a platform for mutual progress of early career scientists and students with the support of ODC center .Through the platform, we hope to develop a network that facilitates the academic and knowledge exchange, data/information sharing, personal/team achievements showcase, and communication with high-level experts in the world.


3. Focused Areas

Ocean dynamics, air-sea interactions: Ocean dynamics delineate and describe the mobile flow of water within the oceans. Air-sea interaction describes the processes that link the atmosphere and the surface ocean, including exchanges of heat, moisture, mass, gases and momentum.

Climate change: Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods, heatwaves, drought and wildfires - are predicted to become more intense and frequent. However, almost any weather event is influenced by climate change.

Ocean Sustainable: A comprehensive, systemic approach to ocean sustainability that addresses issues like ocean acidification, marine pollution, and climate adaptation and mitigation. 

Numerical modelling and data assimilation: As a kernel tool in marine science, the ocean model can be used for forecasting the ocean environment in the future, generating the historical states of the ocean, and also for understanding the ocean processes through numerical experiments with different conditions. The results of the ocean models combined the observations through data assimilation could provide strongly supports to the marine service and management.


4. Participation

FYMS welcomes scientists, especially early career scientists and PhD students who are interested in research or techniques of climate and ocean, as well as people who are subjected to climate change, to join the forum. Participants in previous ODC courses are highly welcomed. But we are not limited to the above scope; if you are a young scientist, no matter whether you want to contribute to the platform, or hope to get academic help, join FYMS!

5. Call for actions

The Seventh FYMS-2023 on Reduce and Sustain Our Ocean is scheduled on the afternoon of 26 May 2023.

Welcome to provide your progresses and attend these activities.


6. Contact

ODC center, odc_center@fio.org.cn