Instruction for Online Trainees - 2023

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1. Online Participation and post-course recording

The training courses will be live-streamed via the zoom platform. Online trainees are encouraged to attend not only the courses but also the discussion through the Slack. In order to enable the trainees located in different time zones to attend the courses as much as possible in live, some lectures materials have been prepared for training course and available on the programme page.

The updated programme and archived recordings for the training courses are available via:, it should be noted that the videos are only available for two days to watch due to the limitation of the network, please organize your time to watch in time.

2. Trainee Certificates

For evaluating the performance of trainees during the training courses, a score will be given to each trainee. The score is determined by attendance (both onsite and online), motivation, activity performance in class, questions and discussions via Slack, quality of reports (trainee report, proposal and group report). For online trainees, this evaluation will be done based on the virtual platform records.


1) Attend the training course online or watching the post-course recording. We will check the screen snap during the training course. It will be much helpful if you could use the real name when you attend online. For those who will watch the recording, you are encouraged to send a picture that showing you are watch the recording.

2) Submit the homework or a summary of the course in each day. This could be done by Slack also.

3)If you hope to give the trainee report, a video is welcomed to submit to ODC through Slack. We will show the video in the classroom, or put it on our website.

3. Platforms
3.1 Zoom

The training courses will be live-streamed via Zoom. If you haven’t used this platform before, please make sure to get familiar with it in advance. Guidelines can be found here:
Meeting room number(during 10-21 July): 97218971414
Password: will be send by email

3.2 Slack

A Slack Channel had been set up for easy communications for both online and onsite trainees. You could always raise your questions in the respective daily sub-channels in the Slack Channel. All trainees and lecturers are encouraged to join the slack channel by clicking the following link:

3.3 Wechat
A Wechat group is setup for this training course. You are welcome to join this group through scan the QR code in the following figure.