The First Session of ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists in 2022 was Successfully Accoplished

 Jiayi Guo     |      2022-04-27 14:29

The First Session of 2022 ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists was successfully accomplished in the afternoon of 27 April 2022. This forum added a new part, participants spoke enthusiastically in the forum.

The session focused on Sharing research achievements and progresses. Two young scholars, also participated in the previous training. Mr Ashraful Moontahab, as the first speaker from Bangladesh, shared his recently progresses: Inter-annual variation of chlorophyII-a and it's relationship with physico-chemical paramteres and Indian Ocean Dipole in the northern Bay of Bengal. Participants and speakers discussed the vertical profile for each observation station. Mr Tolulope Emmanuel Oginni, as the second speaker from Zhejiang University, shared Ocean Response to super typhoon Haiyan based on Multi-Platform Datasets. Participant asked related questions: Is whether the capability of different datasets to capture the eye of the typhoon is due to their difference in resolution or uncertainity of the data itself. Finally, participants expressed Tolulope would make great results! In the last but also a new part, we talked about the 10th ODC training course, trainees expressed there could have more time for practice, group dicussion, and extracurricular activities during the 11th training course.

Mr Ashraful Moontahab

Mr Tolulope Emmanuel Oginni

The ODC center will continue to provide the platform for young marine scientists to have in-depth communication and effective discussion on their perspectives and research progress on marine science development through the organization of various Forum activities. For the events that will follow, the ODC center will make full preparations in terms of the optimization of network platform, selection of topics and exhibition of outcomes, trying to offer an audio-visual banquet for young researchers in the field of ocean and climate. Previous trainees or new partners are highly welcomed to join in these activities and share research progress or achievements on this platform.