Prof. Shoshiro Minobe Gave Lecture During Tenth Training Course

 Jiayi Guo     |      2021-07-09 12:56
On 9 July, 2021, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Hokkaido University, Japan gave lectures on the introduction to CMIP multi-model analyses.

Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Hokkaido University
In the morning session, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe discussed about the coupled CMIP models and the CMIP forcing. He provided a detailed introduction for the CMIP6 models and the use of scenarios in CMIP.

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In the afternoon session, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe shared some of his research results including the application of CMIP6 models, sea level rise in western boundary regions, realtion between ocean interior sea level rise and western boundary sea level rise and etc.
In the last part, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe demonstrated some implementations of the Python scripts for CMIP6 data. 
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