Prof. Fangli Qiao Gave Lecture During Tenth Training Course

 Jiayi Guo     |      2021-07-08 15:14
On the afternoon of 7,July, 2021. Prof. Fangli Qiao from the First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, China gave lectures on the development of Ocean Forecasting System (OFS) and its applications.

prof. Fangli Qiao
Director of UNESCO/IOC RTRC-ODC center
Prof. Fangli Qiao discussed about two high uncertainties for ocean circulation numerical model: ocean mixing and air-sea fluxes. Wave effect was introduced into the model to produce better results. There are three physical processes related to ocean waves: nonbreaking surface wave-induced vertical mixing, Stokes drift and sea spray.

Online and Onsite trainees listen carefully
Prof. Fangli Qiao introduced the Ocean Forecasting System, and by incorporating the three wave-related factors into the system, it provided much better prediction results for high intensity typhoon.

Trainee discuss with Professor