Prof. Tianjun Zhou Lecture During Tenth ODC Training Course

 Jiayi Guo     |      2021-07-07 14:29
On 6 July, 2021, Prof. Tianjun Zhou from LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China gave lectures on the East Asian climate response to natural and anthropogenic forcing in the morning session.

Prof. Zhou from LASG (online training by Webex)

Onsite Trainees
Prof. Tianjun Zhou discussed about the reasons behind the strengthening and weakening tendencies of the East Asia Monsoon and the observed drying trend in global land monsoon precipitation’s attribution to anthropogenic forcing.
Trainees listened attentively
In the afternoon session, Prof. Tianjun Zhou gave lectures on The Paris Agreement and climate change over global monsoon regions. Prof. Tianjun Zhou addressed the importance of the global warming’s effect on extreme weather events. He mentioned the benefits of the lower warming target in terms of lower exposure to dangerous precipitation extremes for the populous monsoon regions.
taking notes