First UNESCO/IOC-ODC training course on ocean models successfully held in Qingdao, China

 admin     |      2011-06-16 13:28
From 10 to 16 June 2011, the first training course of UNESCO/IOC-ODC Center had successfully finished in Qingdao, China. There are 10 world-leading ocean scientists on ocean numerical model were invited as the lecturers for 69 trainees from Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA and China. The training course focused on ocean models covering the basic concepts of numerical modeling in ocean and atmosphere; the application of MPI in Princeton Ocean Model (POM); ocean data assimilation; the grid system of ocean models, wetting and drying algorithms, and the tutorial of POM; the three-dimensional, wave-current coupled sediment transport model; modeling of marine ecosystems and carbon cycle; Lagrangian particle trajectory and individual-based biophysical models; air-sea interactions; wave-tide-circulation coupled models; and the modeling of estuarine circulation.

June 9, 2011: Interview of lecturers and trainees
June 10, 2011: Prof. Lie-Yauw Oey

 June 10, 2011: Dr. Antoni Jordi Ballester

 June 11, 2011: Prof. Yasumasa Miyazawa

 June 11, 2011: Prof. Tal Ezer
June 12, 2011: Prof. Xiaohua Wang 
 June 12, 2011: Discussions

June 13, 2011: Prof. Chai Fei 

 June 13, 2011: Prof. Huijie Xue 

June 14, 2011: Prof. Xie Lian 

 June 14, 2011: Prof.Fangli  Qiao 

June 15, 2011: Prof. Alan F. Blumberg (Through Video Teleconference)

Some group photos