The First Session of 2021 ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists was Successfully Accomplished

 admin     |      2021-04-16 13:00
The First Session of 2021 ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists was successfully accomplished in the afternoon of 15 April 2021. The forum attracted much attention of previous trainees, and has seen the number of more than 30 participants, mainly from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Poland and China, which was less than expected due to the time lag.
The session focused on Advanced Tools Used in the Research of Ocean and Climate. Three young scholars, also participants in the previous training, Freddy López Solórzano, Qilong Wang and Getachew Mehabie Mulualem, were invited to share their recent progress. Freddy, as the first speaker, shared the functions of R language with videos and live examples in his topic Static and Dynamic Visualization of Oceanography Data with R. Qilong then gave a detailed introduction about Python in his presentation Oceanic Data Visualization Works with Python LanguageIt should be noted that they made a comparison between the two tools commonly used in the data visualization, and brought a heated discussion among participants on other useful tools in the research of Ocean and Climate, such as Matlab, in the following period. Getachew, howerver, failed to give his presentation due to the network malfunction. Despite this, the meeting processed in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. At the end of the session, Freddy and Qilong were awarded with certificates in appreciation of their contributions to the forum. The forum has aroused considerable interest, and many express regrets in their emails for not being able to attend, and expect to join in the next session.

The ODC center will continue to provide the platform for young marine scientists to have in-depth communication and effective discussion on their perspectives and research progress on marine science development through the organization of various Forum activities. For the events that will follow, the ODC center will make full preparations in terms of the optimization of network platform, selection of topics and exhibition of outcomes, trying to offer an audio-visual banquet for young researchers in the field of ocean and climate. Previous trainees or new partners are highly welcomed to join in these activities and share research progress or achievements on this platform.