Wave Forecast Model of MyOFS Started Operation

 admin     |      2021-03-25 15:02
On 8 February 2021, Dr. Xunqiang Yin and Dr. Changshui Xia from FIO and Dr. Kok Poh Heng from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) held an online conference to set up the operational ocean wave forecast model of the Malaysian Ocean Forecasting System (MyOFS).

Dr. Xuanqiang Yin first introduced the MASNUM-WAM model, and then Dr. Kok started to set it up in the supercomputer of UMT. This model will be driven by the atmosphere product of global forecast system (GFS) from US. Using Linux scripts, the forecast model will be automatically submitted, providing 5-day forecast results (e.g. wave height, direction and period, etc). This has been a new step in the development of MyOFS since last meeting in November 2020.