Seminar on the Application of Python in Data Visualization

 admin     |      2021-02-04 15:02
On 3 February 2021, Mr. Qilong Wang, the technical staff of the ODC center, initiated a seminar on the application of Python in data visualization in an onsite-online hybrid model with the participation of young scientist from FIO and Ocean University of China (OUC).
Mr. Wang provided an overview of Python on its properties, particularly the strengths and operating environment, and detailed the feature packs, such as Matplotlib, basemap and cartopy, to highlight the extensive use in drawing different figures. Combined with a number of instances in his recent work, Mr. Wang made it easier for participants to understand the concrete operations, which inspired a heated discussion and resulted in a series of application plans in the follow-up.
The ODC center will organize seminars on various topics at irregular intervals and welcome the young scientists to join the events.