Freddy López: This was possible because of the training course

 admin     |      2020-09-23 09:19
Freddy López, a former attendee of the ODC training course from Ecuador, participated in an activity of the Information and Innovation Committee (I2Com) of the Marine Science Institute (MSI) and gave an online Lecture entitled R as a geographic information system tool” to the University of the Philippines on August 28, 2020. There were close to 120 participants, varying from graduate students to researchers from the host university and other universities around the Philippines.

The lecture lasted for about 2 hours and was divided into two sections. The first one was theoretical, about the potential uses of R in terms of GIS, including interactive maps with leaflet R, GIS web apps with R Shiny, automated download of satellite data and a brief summary of the project that he was involved with.
In the second one, he showed 7 examples with live R coding, which covered automated download of satellite data, mapping and some of the most common GIS operations, methods of interpolation, reproject, crop and mask spatial data, dissolve, intersect, buffer, spatial statistics and basic/mid level mapping.
“I have to acknowledge that the genesis of this webinar originated when I attended the 2019 ODC Training Course in Qingdao, China.
One of the goals that I set for myself was to start collaborations with the attendees of the training course”, said by Freddy.
The webinar was a great success with the help of Ms. Anabel Gammaru, a fomer attendee of the ODC training and researcher at MSI, as well as Dr. Charina Lyn Repollo, a professor at MSI, who was the key persons to organize it. For his efforts and contributions, Freddy was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by MSI.

In a recent e-mail, Freddy acknowledged that he came up with the idea of this webinar when he attended the ninth ODC Training Course in 2019. One of the key values of the training course, he believes, is “a sentiment of international collaboration between all the attendees” and he started the collaborative work since then. Therefore, he was willing to express his gratitude and share his experience through e-mail, in which he wrote “This was possible because of the training course”.

The ODC center extend its warmest congratulations to Freddy and was quite proud of his new progress in work. Any feedback from the previous trainees on their work or study will be highly welcomed all the time.