Prof. Shoshiro Minobe Gave Lectures During Ninth ODC Training Course

 admin     |      2019-06-19 13:08
On 19 June, 2019, Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Hokkaido University, Japan gave lectures on the theme of Air-sea interaction in western boundary regions. He introduced how western boundary currents and their extensions are characterized by intense air-sea heat, momentum and carbon dioxide fluxes.

Prof. Shoshiro Minobe from Hokkaido University, Japan 
In the afternoon, group exercise about climatology using Python went on, in which the trainees had to compare precipitation, wind stress and SST in different regions of the world. After the exercises, the Forum for Early Career Scientists was carried out. Ms.Akhter Shaila, Mr. Chenguang Zhou , Mr. Pamungkas Aditya, Ms. Siti Amalia and Mr. Okon Samuel Ukpong gave trainee reports.

Trainee giving report