UNESCO/IOC-ODC Training Course on Development of Coupled Regional Ocean Models was successfully accomplished in Qingdao, China

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During 12-23 June 2017, the 7th training course of the UNESCO/IOC Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate was successfully conducted in Qingdao, China. The topic of this training course is Development of Coupled Regional Ocean Models and 7 famous professors from Italy, German, Ukraine, United States and China were invited to present lectures. There were 36 trainees from 16 countries including Bangladesh, DPR Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia, Vietnam and China attended this training course. In order to improve the skill of trainees in the coupled regional ocean models, more practices were arranged after each lecture. Based on the successful experience of previous training courses, the activities including the trainee reports, group discussion and group reports were continuously carried out. Totally, ODC Center has provided training course for 312 trainees from 33 countries in 7 years. The efforts of ODC center contributing to the capacity building of member states and the influence of China in the field of ocean and climate has been further improved.

Opening Ceremony
After a short opening ceremony in the morning of 12 June 2017, the two-weeks training course on Development of Coupled Regional Ocean Models started. Professor Tal Ezer from Old Dominion University gave the first lecture on issues associated with regional ocean models and demonstrations of various tools to help setting up and running tools. Professor Yu-heng Tseng from National Center for Atmospheric Research of the United States gave a lecture on the ocean circulation model and turbulence. Professor Vladimir Maderich from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine introduced the transport of sediment and transport of contaminants and coupling of biota, hydrodynamics and sediments in regional models. Professor Jianping  Gan from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presented a lecture on physics and fundamentals of regional ocean modeling and modeling ocean circulation and ecosystem in the South East Asia Seas. Professor Fangli Qiao from The First Institute of Oceanography gave a lecture on wave-tide-circulation coupling theory and application in regional ocean models. Professor Qiang Wang gave a lecture on ocean model development and applications based on FESOM. Prof. Luigi Cavaleri from National Research Council, Institute of Marine Sciences of Italy presented a lecture on the history of surface wave model development.

 During this training course, all the trainees were divided into 6 groups. Trainees in each group completed the practices together and a group leader and a group secretary were elected to help ODC center arrange the group discussions, prepare group reports and chair the trainee reports from different groups. For the trainee reports, all were required to present a report to introduce their research area, their academic achievements and preliminary idea for cooperation with other countries in the region. In addition, each group was required to make a poster together to introduce their group members, cooperation and new knowledge learnt from the training course. The ODC center collected all the posters and printed them together as a flyer for all the trainees. In the afternoon of 23 June 2017, the group leaders from each group reported the activities in their team and summarized the knowledge they have learnt in the training course.

Trainee Reports

Group Discussion and Reports
The completion ceremony was held in the evening of 23 June 2017. All the trainees and lecture professors attended this ceremony. Trainees who successfully completed this training course were issued a certification. The group leaders, group secretaries and volunteers were issued a certification for their great contribution in this training course. Based on the performance during the training course, 3 trainees (Dr. Suriyan Saramul from Chulalongkorn University of Thailand; Mr. To Duy Thai from Institute of Oceanography of Vietnam; Mr. Pavel Kharlamov from Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute of Russia) were selected as the best trainees and  special certifications were issued. During the whole training course, trainees were actively involved in these activities which made the whole process rich and colorful, And a solid friendship were built among them which makes the further cooperation more possible. Through these wonderful lectures and activities, trainees and professors spent a pleasant time in Qingdao.

Certification for trainees

Certification for group leaders and group secretaries

Certification for volunteer

Best trainee awards