A Lunch Seminar of previous ODC Trainees was carried out on Occasion of the 10th Westpac International Scientific Conference

 admin     |      2017-04-18 13:20
On 18 April 2017, a lunch seminar of ODC previous trainees who had attended the 10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference had been carried out in Shangri-La Hotel of Qingdao. There were 30 young scientists who had been trained in ODC center during the last 6 years had signed up to attend the 10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference. Finally, 22 trainees attended this conference to give their presentations in oral (14) or poster (8). It was really good news for ODC center to know such a number of previous trainees were capable to show their achievements at this international conference. Therefor the ODC center arranged this lunch seminar to welcome them back to Qingdao and discuss some new developments of ODC center. Professor Fangli Qiao, director of ODC center attended this seminar.
Some topics had been discussed during this seminar: 1) the progress and recent plan of ODC center; 2) the achievements and interests of each trainee; 3) the possibility of set up of a session of young scientist’s workshop during annual training course. Many trainees from South-East Asia countries mentioned that they have more interest in the regional climate change which is the most important issue for them to maintain healthy environment. In the future, the ODC center will put more efforts in this topic and more experts will be invited to provide related training. In addition, as a platform for young scientists to explore ocean and climate science, ODC center welcome young scientists to bring their concerns for cooperated research.