Joint research on Sri Lanka regional ocean modeling

 admin     |      2017-01-21 09:46
During 3-20 January 2017, two young scientists from National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) finished a joint research of UNESCO/IOC-ODC center on Sri Lanka regional ocean modeling in the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), SOA, China. As an important step of long term cooperation between FIO and NARA, Dr. Akila Harishchandra and Ms. Kashmila Madusha Samankumari were invited by UNESCO/IOC-ODC center for a joint research in order to build up the numerical ocean model for Sri Lanka region together with experts in FIO. During this period, Prof. Yanfeng Wang , Dr. Xunqiang Yin , Dr. Changshui Xia , Dr. Shan Feng, Dr. Yiding Zhao, Dr. Zhenhua Chen , Mr. Shumin Jiang and Ms. Pan Han from FIO had taken part in this activity. In the first two weeks, some ideas on physical oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, computer programming, ocean governing equation and numerical differential method in ocean models were deeply discussed. And then the joint research group focused on the set up of circulation and wave models for Sri Lanka region in the last week.  At last, primitive modeling results were obtained and a further cooperation plan in this field ws made. When Dr. Akila Harishchandra and Ms. Kashmila Madusha Samankumari go back to their country, they will attempt to apply this regional model in the forecasting for Sri Lanka. More details of this joint program will be discussed in the future cooperation.