Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary of IOC and Assitant Director General of UNESCO visited

 admin     |      2013-10-30 13:24
 On 30 October 2013, Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and Assistant Director General of UNESCO, visited the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), State Oceanic Administration (SOA), China, and UNESCO/IOC Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate (UNESCO/IOC-ODC) accompanied of Dr. Wenxi Zhu , head of UNESCO/ IOC Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC). Dr. Deyi Ma, Director General of FIO, Dr. Fangli Qiao, Deputy Director General of FIO and Director of UNESCO/IOC-ODC center, Mr.Gongke Tan , Director of Center for International Cooperation Center of FIO attended this visiting. Two sides discussed on the progress, future plan and cooperation fields of UNESCO/IOC- ODC center. Fruitful results have been achieved through these discussions.

     On behalf of FIO, Dr. Ma Deyi expressed a warm welcome to Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright for her visiting of Qingdao. He stated that FIO is a comprehensive research institute engaged in basic research, application study and social service. In recent years, under the guidance of SOA, FIO actively participates in international cooperation in marine science and technology, and remarkable achievements have been made in the fields of international cooperation platform construction, cooperation and exchanges in marine science and technology, education and training for young scientists. Since UNESCO/IOC-ODC center was officially launched in 2011, it has organized 3 training courses and 3 international cooperation projects are under researching. UNESCO/IOC-ODC center plays an important role in promoting and leading the collaboration between the countries of South-East Asia. He hopes IOC and FIO will enhance cooperation and promote the development of UNESCO/IOC-ODC center in the future.

On behalf of UNESCO/IOC-ODC center, Dr. Fangli Qiaointroduced the training courses and research works held in this center. Since it  officially launched in Qingdao, 3 training courses with the subjects of Ocean Modeling, Ocean Dynamics and Air-sea Interaction respectively were held successfully. Totally, 169 trainees from 26 countries have been trained. In addition, Dr. Fangli Qiao also introduced the progress of the international cooperation projects under the platform of UNESCO/IOC-ODC center, including the OFS, ROSE and MOMSEI. Through these projects, the ability of the countries around South China Sea has been further enhanced to cope with climate change and disaster prevention and mitigation.
Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright expressed a full recognition on the work of FIO on international cooperation, especially on the contribution to IOC. She spoke highly of the extraordinary achievement in UNESCO/IOC-ODC center and said that this center is the first one in the framework of IOC. This center has made outstanding progress during the past 3 years in the fields of not only training activities but also research activities and the international influence of this center is increasing rapidly. Dr. Wendy had also discussed some details of 3 training courses and hope to work hard together in order to train more young scientists from the countries in IOC. For the research activities in this center, Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright showed a keen interest in the study of monsoon onset and the application of wave-circulation interaction theory in ocean and climate models.

At last, Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright visited the High Performance Computer Center of FIO and the China Sample Museum. This time visit has promoted mutual understanding of two sides and a solid foundation has been made for further cooperation of FIO and IOC.