【Open for Application】 The 12th ODC Training Course on Ocean Model and Data Assimilation

 admin     |      2023-03-21 17:35
The 12th ODC training course on Ocean Model and Data Assimilation will be organized in Qingdao from 10-21 July, 2023. The content of this course is as follows:

As a kernel tool in marine science, the ocean model can be used for forecasting the ocean environment in the future, generating the historical states of the ocean, and also for understanding the ocean processes through numerical experiments with different conditions. The results of the ocean models combined the observations through data assimilation could provide strongly supports to the marine service and management. There is an increasing requirement for the related knowledge and technique in recent years. Under this background, the ODC center has planned the 12th training course on Ocean Model and Data Assimilation in Qingdao during 10-21 July 2023.

Simulation of ocean dynamic processes
New Generation Ocean Model and Its Application
Basic Theory and Principles of Data Assimilation
The application of Data Assimilation Method in OFS

Who can apply
Researcher; R&D Staff; Student; Project Officer; Interested Person

Link: http://odc.fio.com.cn/Register/
Deadline: 25 April 2023, 24:00 GMT+8