ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists - First session in 2022

 Jiayi Guo     |      2022-01-15 16:03


Through the provision of annual training courses, workshops and joint research opportunities, the ODC center has witnessed increasingly active exchanges, steadily expanded cooperation areas, and deepened international friendship among participants in the past years. It has been instrumental in developing an early career professional network with the attendance of 522 trainees from 51 countries.

In the context of global epidemic in the recent years, there has been an increasing demand for enhancing interregional exchanges among our trainees. Therefore, the ODC center started to establish the young marine scientists' community to further strengthen regional exchange and coordination, and respond to the call of the Decade Actions for sustainable development of ocean science. Since April 2021, the community has convened the ODC International Forum for Young Marine Scientists on a regular basis and various exchange activities.


 Young scholars are welcome to share their achievements and progress.

     Inter-annual variation of chlorophyll-a and it's relationship with physico-chemical paramteres and Indian Ocean Dipole in the northern Bay of Bengal
Ashraful Moontahab, Bangladesh

     Ocean Response to super typhoon Haiyan based on Multi-Platform Datasets
   Tolulope Emmanuel Oginni, Zhejiang University

     Discussion about the 11th ODC Training Course on Prediction and Projection of Climate

   27 April, 2022  14:00-17:00 CST (GMT+8)

          WebEx Meeting




The forum welcomes the participation of previous ODC trainees and is open to anyone who wants to join the network or develop collaborations.
We will appreciate it if you could extend the notice to your colleagues and friends who may be interested.



If you are willing to share your research progress or achievements on this platform, you are highly welcomed to join us.

        Ms Jiayi Guo:odc_center@fio.org.cn  
Your active participation is highly welcome! It is highly welcomed to share your research achievements and progresses as a speaker!