The Best Trainee Award Winners (2013-2019)

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The ODC Best Trainee Award 
The “Best Trainee Award” was first established in 2013 at the 3rd ODC Training Course on Air-Sea Interaction and Modeling in order to recognize trainees’ prominent contribution to the organization of the training course, achievements in scientific research and efforts in promoting international cooperation, and encourage them to further dedicate themselves to the development of marine science. As from 2013, the “Best Trainee Award” was presented to 3 or 4 trainees every year. Up to now, a total of 22 trainees has won the award.

Best Trainee Award Winners in 2019

Ms. Amalia Siti 
Graduate(Meteorology),ResearchAssistantThe NationalUniversityofMalaysia(UKM),Malaysia
Amalia Siti's
Mr. Venugopal Thandlam
PhD student
Uppsala University, Sweden

Venugopal Thandlam's CV
Mr. Muhammad Rais Abdillah
Junior lecturer
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Muhammad Rais Abdillah's CV

Best Trainee Award Winners in 2018 


ODC Best Trainee Award in 2017